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When stress catches up, it is good to have these healthy superfoods on hand.

 5 superfoods that eat away stress

Feeling butterflies in your stomach, having tense muscles, or experiencing cold feet? Chances are, you are undergoing a period of unwanted stress.

Regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet can alleviate, or even eliminate undesirable physiological conditions that are brought about by nerve-wracking episodes.

Here are five guilt-free superfoods for a happier you:

Crackdown on stress: Walnuts

 5 superfoods that eat away stress

One of the key biological signs of excessive stress is an elevated level of blood pressure. Not only is it dangerous for individuals with cardiovascular problems, higher blood pressure can also trigger severe complications such as stroke and kidney failure.

Walnuts can contribute to stress reduction and overall health by lowering blood pressure. This can be attributed to presence of alpha-linolenic acid (a type of omega-3 fatty acid), that is essential for maintaining healthy blood vessels.

Soothe your soul: Seaweed

 5 superfoods that eat away stress

While it does not look particularly appetising in its natural form, seaweed is actually one of the best stress-relieving foods that Mother Nature has to offer. Rich in B-complex vitamins that can keep depression and general anxiety disorders at bay, seaweed is a must-have in the diets of people with hectic lives.

Also, feel free to give yourself bonus points if you are a sushi lover. Salmon is rich in omega-three acids that are known to help in treating depressive disorders.

Boost your mood with superfoods: Turkey

 5 superfoods that eat away stress

Rather than going cuckoo, try having some turkey for dinner to ease your working woes. Known to contain tryptophan, an amino acid that is responsible for Serotonin production, consuming turkey can help regulate your sleep and lift your mood.

Other common protein sources, such as fish and chicken, hold similar amounts of tryptophan. They should be consumed in adequate amounts as part of a balanced diet.

Solve social anxiety: Milk

 5 superfoods that eat away stress

Milk and other dairy products (cheese, yoghurt) are often regarded as superfoods, thanks to the multitude of health benefits they bring. Apart from improving cognition, memory and decreasing social anxiety, regular consumption of low fat milk can help reduce blood pressure levels.

A meta-analytic review of seven studies published in the Journal of Human Hypertension showed an inverse relation between low-fat dairy consumption and hypertension risk, across a collective cohort of 45,000 research participants.

All-rounded relief: Tofu

 5 superfoods that eat away stress

Low calorie count aside, tofu is definitely one of the superfoods that you should eat for a less stressful life. Its primary ingredient, soybean, is known to deliver a slew of health benefits useful in the fighting illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

It is also one of the few plant-based sources of protein around, making it a suitable option for vegetarians and vegans alike.

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