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Healthy bars that taste like decadent snacks 5/5 (5)

On top of being a substitute for unhealthy snacks, these granola bars from EarthBar Asia taste like them, but with fewer calories.

Dieting is never easy. The camera-shy founder of EarthBar Asia knows the struggle, after motherhood, exercise regimes and having a constant craving for sweet treats like apple pie.

We’d like to think that she had these treats in mind when dreaming up healthier granola creations. The vegetarian bars – made of an oats base – did just enough to take our minds off unhealthy snacks. Maybe because they were filling and tasted like classic guilty pleasures.

For $10, you get four 40g bars of the same flavour. They come in a resealable bag and stay fresh for a week. Don’t bother with tearing the bag as indicated, it opens up easy enough and stays air-tight.

 Healthy bars that taste like decadent snacks
Credit: Emőke Sasi

Opt for Pistachio Mango Chia if you are craving for chocolate with a sliver of preserved fruit. The mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips, pistachio nuts, chia seeds and flax seeds is lifted by bits of tangy mango. We can’t think of anyone who will dislike this crowd pleaser. A great pick-me-up for a stressed colleague or health conscious family friend!

L-R: Pistachio Mango Chia, chocolate with fruit

 Healthy bars that taste like decadent snacks
Credit: Emőke Sasi

After trying the Blueberry Walnut Crumble, there was a joint exclamation of “fruit cake” as it brought us back to Christmas lunches and things that our mums would truly appreciate. Don’t expect a lingering sweet aftertaste though, as these bars are essentially a lower-calorie alternative. Each contains 180 calories to be exact.

L-R: Blueberry Walnut Crumble, fruit cake

 Healthy bars that taste like decadent snacks
Credit: Emőke Sasi

The Peanut Date Chia made a great post-workout snack that tasted exactly like traditional peanut candy. We loved the addition of honey and bittersweet chocolate nibs. It was equally satisfying, and easy to forget that we were consuming a lot more nutrients and fewer calories.

L-R: Peanut Date Chia, traditional peanut candy

 Healthy bars that taste like decadent snacks
Credit: Emőke Sasi,

Rosemary Spice was a clear favourite among the team. It was savoury and reminded us of BBQ curry-flavoured Twisties. Instead of getting a load of empty carbohydrates and MSG, the bite-sized cubes were moreish and naturally flavoured with herbs.

L-R: Rosemary Spice, BBQ Curry Twisties

 Healthy bars that taste like decadent snacks
Credit: Emőke Sasi, Snacking Bear

Just note that the homemade bars are baked in small batches. We’ve tried them on three occasions, and there were slight differences in how crumbly they were. Look past that and you’ll find EarthBar Asia’s simple philosophy comes true – making wholesome, tasty granola bars with care.

EarthBar Asia
Taste: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5

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