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Timbre+: A confluence of food and art 5/5 (2)

Join Aerinle as we explore Timbre+, a new gastropark in One North!

 Timbre+: A confluence of food and art

Singapore is renowned as a food haven with its wide range of international cuisines. From Western delicacies to Asian dishes, there is certainly no lack of tantalising delicacies and unique eateries if you ever feel the need to satisfy your hunger pangs.

At Timbre+, things are no different. As the newest addition to a vibrant local food scene, it plays host to over 35 F&B outlets in a sprawling 64,000 sq ft complex that comprises of a central stage area, a general dining space, and numerous outdoors seats.

 Timbre+: A confluence of food and art

Located in the heart of One North, the gastropark exudes a hipster charm with its combination of vibrant graffiti art deco and industrial-themed fittings. Here, chef-owners can be found operating out of refurbished shipping containers and vintage caravans, which make for eye-catching stall spaces.

 Timbre+: A confluence of food and art

In anticipation of enjoying a hearty lunch in a one-of-a-kind environment, the Aerinle team made a trip down to Timbre+ on Monday (16 May) and we were not disappointed. A wide variety of mouth-watering goodies can be found at the gastropark, thanks to an equally diverse mix of Singaporean-run stalls and regional businesses offering restaurant-grade delights.

Recognisable names include Japanese yakitori restaurant Teppei Daidokoro and Fishball Story, run by 26 year-old Douglas Ng, who made his name as one of Singapore’s youngest hawkers.

Hawker stalls are open from 6am to 6pm daily, while the majority of food trucks and restaurants typically operate from 11am to 11pm. A self-service bar, The Bottle Shop, can also be found in the compound with its menu that comprises of close to 200 different types of beers and ciders.

 Timbre+: A confluence of food and art

Highlights of our visit include the beef brisket spinach noodles ($5.50) from Wong Kee Noodles as well as the mouth-watering (and sinful) salted-egg yolk chicken wings from Two Wings ($8.90 for six pieces).

Well-marinated and tender, the beef slices in Wong Kee’s signature dish ooze with umami and come on a bed of al-dente green noodles. Other noodle options are also available in the form of egg and tomato flavours. We particularly liked the one-two punch of the tomato sauce base and the beef stewed gravy that left us craving for more.

 Timbre+: A confluence of food and art

Likewise, the chicken wings were no disappointment with their crispy batter and juicy centres. The taste of salted-egg yolk was also just right, making it the perfect coating for the wings. To add on, this dish is the perfect afternoon snack, especially when it comes paired with an ice-cold cup of green tea (which inhibits fat absorption and promotes fat metabolism).

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
JTC LaunchPad @ One-North.
Singapore 139957

Opening hours: 6am to midnight (Monday to Thursday) & 6am to 1am (Friday and Saturday). Closed on Sundays.

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