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Will you pay to be a castaway? 5/5 (1)

Attention aspiring castaway: this not your typical secluded vacation. Trust Docastaway founder Alvaro Cerezo.

If you are looking for something vastly different from lying on the beach and sipping mai tais, this could be the trip for you.

Enter Docastaway – a company dedicated to leaving its clients marooned on deserted islands – the brainchild of Spaniard founder Alvaro Cerezo.

Since the company started five years ago, more than 200 experiences (featuring one of more castaways) have been conducted, the 35-year-old said.

Will you pay to be a castaway?
Credit: Courtesy of Alvaro Cerezo

Travellers get to choose between Comfort Mode and Adventure Mode, the former giving a little more luxury on deserted islands that are as close as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Comfort Mode costs more. ‘The Waterhouse’ experience in Indonesia costs an average of €188 ($288.04) a day, that allows guests to live in an over water wooden cottage with a private beach. The fee includes meals, excursions, local flights and land and sea transfers.

In contrast, an Adventure Mode, ‘Marooning’ stint in the Philippines costs just €80 ($122.57) a day. This features a bamboo cottage with a kitchen and bathroom – plus round-the-clock access to a canoe.

“Docastawayers will completely be on their own, without guides, and will have to obtain their own food from the surrounding nature. There will be a boat and total freedom of movement. Staff can attend within a short length of time in case of emergency,” the description reads.

For all experiences, guests need to be healthy and at least 21 years of age.

Will you pay to be a castaway?
Credit: Courtesy of Alvaro Cerezo

No matter what you pick, here are 5 interesting things about Docastaway:

1) Docastaway is a childhood dream come true

Alvaro: Getting voluntarily marooned on deserted islands was my passion since I was very young. I’ve been always surprised that there was no company in the world that could help you become a castaway for a few weeks. I created Docastaway because I was sure there were people out there sharing my dream.

2) Adventure Mode is the more popular option

Alvaro: When we started five years ago, 20 per cent of our guests opted for adventure. The other 80 per cent chose comfort. Nowadays it is 70 per cent adventure, 30 per cent comfort.

3) It is not inspired by Survivor (we had to ask!)

Alvaro: I’m afraid I never got inspired by any TV show. The idea of Docastaway came to my mind before their existence.

4) A castaway will crave for lighters and roofs

Alvaro: Contrary to what people usually think, surviving on a deserted island for a week makes you appreciate the few wonderful things we have in civilisation. These are simple things like switching a light on by pushing a button, lighting a fire by a lighter, or having a proper roof when it’s raining. We do not realise how useful they are until we do not have them.

5) Here’s an open call for Asian enthusiasts

Alvaro: Unfortunately, very few Asian people have tried our experiences. Around 99 per cent of our castaways are from North America and Western Europe. We also offer islands in the Caribbean and Oceania, and will continue to diversify locations.

Check out Docastaway for more! We’re sure the experiences offered will bring you closer to Mother Nature.

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