4 fitness apps to suit your different moods

There are days when motivation to exercise comes naturally, and others where getting off the couch is a chore. These 4 fitness apps will help.

4 fitness apps to suit your different moods

Like them or hate them, fitness apps are here to stay.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that fitness apps and similar computer programmes are effective in modifying behaviour. These range from correcting habits like smoking, to shedding pounds and getting fit.

The industry, which is already worth billions, is tipped to grow by more than a third by 2020.

What makes these apps so effective? They are not specifically targeted at people with a solid workout regime. Instead, they use innovative ways to motivate those who don’t.

Here are four apps for your different exercise moods:

1) When fitness is serious business – Sweat with Kayla

The app by Adelaide fitness trainer Kayla Itsines is not particularly interactive, but it yields great results.

It aims to get users on a regular workout schedule. The sets featured a wide range of squats, core work and strength exercises that had us heaving by mid-way.

For best results, scroll through the hastags #kaylaitsines or #bbg or #sweatwithkayla for fat-to-fit motivational posts.

2) For when you can’t get off the couch – Zombies, Run!

Trust us when we say this. Running becomes a lot easier when you have virtual zombies chasing after you. Rescue survivors, race to supplies and take part in missions of varying difficulties.

3) On days where 5km is an impossible task – Couch to 5K

We have all been there. It’s easy to slide into a lifestyle where exercising is not on the list of daily to-dos. Soon, you’re panting after jogging for just over a kilometre. This app promises that you will hit 5km in nine weeks.

4) When you feel like watching a movie instead – Superhero Workout

This app has a great storyline. You are defending the earth against alien invaders. To generate plasma blasts, punch. Crunches will make your suit’s reactor stronger!

Plus, a motion tracker can activated via a mobile phone’s camera. This counts your reps and tracks the number of calories burnt.  In no time, you’ll be done with an effective workout – just remember to reward yourself with a blockbuster after!

Do you have any other favourite apps? Let us know at enquiry@aerinle.com!

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