9 Best Healthy Snacks in Singapore You Should Try in 2023

Blurb: There are many healthy snacks in Singapore that are highly nutritious without having high calorie content in them but can still satisfy your sweet tooth. You’ll be surprised to find what you can replace your unhealthy snacks with!

There are plenty of healthy snacks in Singapore, but which ones offers the real nutritional benefits alongside a delicious flavour?

From pumpkin seeds to dark chocolate, these snacks have all natural ingredients and incredible health benefits in them. Their natural goodness will supplement your healthy lifestyle!

List of 9 Healthy Snacks in Singapore

In this article we have listed down the best healthy snacks in Singapore that anyone – from growing kids to active adults, will love. We have even included convenient healthy snack delivery stores and subscription boxes in our list.

So get rid of the extra refined sugar and saturated fats in your diet with these healthy alternatives!

1. Box Green Subscription Box

Box Green Subscription Box

Box Green is a Singapore based healthy snack delivery box that has been approved by nutritionists! All of their snacks are packaged in single portions, so you can just the right amount of nutrients and sweetness at the same time.

Their boxes comes with a variety of snacks, from crunchy snacks, dark chocolate bites filled with potato chips, nuts, and dried fruits, mushroom chips, peanut pretzel muddy bites and many more.

You can even build your own box, and find snack suggestions by taking their fun quiz.

They have snacks that are sweet, savoury, and even spicy. Their honey mustard roast crisps make a great side dish for lunch, and their coffee almond biscotti are perfectly paired with morning coffee.

There are nut free, gluten free, and vegan friendly snack options as well. Their gluten free granola will keep your stomach happy while you hike or work. The company is sustainable and uses all natural ingredients that will leave you feeling energised.

You can also order and send a gift box of snacks to a loved one. The Box Green subscription box starts at just $9.90!

Also checkout this list of amazing local snack brands in Singapore.

2. Amazin’ Graze

Amazin' Graze

This brand has a physical store in Singapore as well as an online shop to buy from. They make delicious artisanal granola and muesli filled with coconut chips, all sorts of nuts, and dried berries. They are made with 100% natural ingredients, making them one of the best healthy snacks.

They have several popular flavours, such as their Blueberry Goji Coconut packed with goji berries, or their Maple Pecan, naturally sweetened.

The brand also has amazing nut butter products that are healthier alternatives to mass-produced peanut butters at the supermarket.

Amazin’ Graze has many options, like almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, and peanuts. The natural flavours of the nuts are enhanced with additions like dark chocolate, cinnamon, black sesame, and flaky sea salt.

Make your own peanut butter cup snacks, or add their nut butters to the Amazin’ Graze oatmeal and protein blends.

Their healthy chips are also healthier snacks to replace corn, tortilla and potato chips. They are packed in super foods and dense in protein and fibre. The chips come in flavours like hummus, peppermint, chocolate, and nuts and raisins. They are one of the best healthy snacks to have with dips!

3. Greenday Singapore

Greenday Singapore Snacks

This brand makes healthy snacks in Singapore that are made from fresh fruit and vegetables. They have tons of freeze dried, delicious tasting healthy snacks that are great for people of all ages.

Greenday makes getting your nutrients super easy and delicious, as you won’t be able to put down their crispy fruit chips.

For kids who don’t like traditional fruits and veggies, these low calorie snacks can make all the difference. The freeze dried treats, including fresh berries, peaches, mango, coconut, and root kale chips, can be added onto yogurt, salads, pizza, oats, and more.

We recommend trying soy milk in your oatmeal for a healthier addition of sweetness! You can get your essential nutrients from these healthy snacks, which don’t have any added sugar, trans fat, or high cholesterol.

They are also great for quickly solving hunger pangs guilt free. All of their fruits are sourced from Thailand. They are available to be purchased online, and charge a flat delivery fee of just $3.50 for island-wide shipping.

4. Snack Guru

Snack Guru Singapore

Snack Guru makes super yummy healthy snacks to nibble on. They have the best healthy snacks to supplement a lifestyle of activity and working out, as their main products are jerky and baked goods.

They make every bite packed full of protein and carbs that will serve as fuel for your gym sessions!

You might think that jerky is already pretty healthy, but that’s not true. Most commercial jerkies use corn syrup, purified nitrates, and preservatives. Snack Guru delivers all the goodness of dried meat without those harmful additives.

In flavours like Chili Basil Turkey, Chipotle Lime Beef, Lemon Pepper Chicken, and many more. All their jerky is low sugar, but several are sugar free and keto friendly. Their baked goods are made by Oh My Goodness!, a homegrown Singapore bakery.

You can indulge in brownies, cupcakes, cookies and bread rolls when you feel hungry without having to feel guilty. These baked goods stay away from refined grains and are halal. They have gluten free and vegan options as well.

Just think of a delicious chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla frosting with a creamy texture, without dreading the extra fat from the treat. By cutting extra fat out of your diet and adding fiber and antioxidants, you can also reduce your worry for heart disease.

5. The Edible Co.

The Edible Co.

The Edible Co. makes super healthy snack bundles and granola bars. If you fall in love with their healthy food the way many others have, you can add their subscription box to your cart!

The company was founded in 2014, and has been creating snacks without any colourings, preservatives, or other additives.

With a mission to share the best healthy snacks in Singapore, their snack packs are filled with delicious cookies, biscotti, and granola. They also have activated nut mixes, which are either singular types of nuts or mixed. These include baked almonds, cashews, and pecans.

They of course provide gluten free and paleo friendly options, which make for a great midday pick me up. They even have a granola subscription, so you can get your fix for three months at a time.

The Edible Co. makes sure its products are delicious on their own, or paired with coffee, tea, yogurt, oatmeal, and more.

We highly recommend buying a pack of several different cookie flavours, like their chocolate cranberry, honey, or coconut cookies, as well as their granolas and biscotti. This gives you more options when packing your own snacks for the day.

6. Hey! Chips

Hey! Chips

Hey! Chips offers premium fruit and vegetable snacks in Singapore, both at their physical location at the Storefriendly Centre, and through their online shop.

Even though their fruit and veggie chips boast an addictive flavour, the company doesn’t add any sugar, preservatives or extra cholesterol. The healthy snacks are even vegan, gluten free and halal!

They’ve won 6 UK Great Taste awards, so you can be completely sure that Hey! Chips has mastered making their healthy snacks super tasty.

Hey! Chips has a signature collection of fruit chips, including mango, banana, jackfruit, and even onion. Their all natural fruits and veggies can improve heart health, bone health, and even your mood.

If you like snacking with a theme, Hey! Chips also offers artisanal snack boxes in different themes. Try out their Classic English Breakfast Box!

7. Naebro


Naebro is a snack company with roots in South Korea. Eat their guilt free delicious sweet and savoury puffed rice snacks in Singapore instead of cereal, popcorn, and cheese puffs!

Their rice corn balls come in milk, cheese, and chocolate flavours. Other rice-based snacks include their brown rice fruit bars, organic Poprice, and brown rice fruit rings.

The company also makes freeze dried fruit, organic seaweed bites, and freeze dried yogurt cubes – perfect for snacking on! You can buy their snacks in Singapore through their online shop or on online platforms. They’ve mastered making a healthy snack out of innovative ingredients.

8. Snack First

Snack First

Snack First makes a variety of healthy snack options you’ve probably never thought of! They have:

  • Gourmet crisps, like their Senbei rice crackers and sweet mustard soya crisps.
  • Dried fruits and seeds, like their Tango Mango slices, sundried persimmons, and Go Mission figs
  • Heritage Flavour biscuits and crackers, like their butterfly ear biscuits, curry tapioca chips, and Happy Pineapple tarts
  • Sweets, like their Berry Nutty nougat, apple chia seeds pastilles, and organic cacao nibs
  • Assorted nuts and nut butters

Snack First even has special sales for Deepavali! If you’re feeling thirsty, you can grab a healthy beverage from the shop, like their zero sugar kombucha and cold brew teas.

You can go to the Snack First store at 18 Boon Lay Way if you want to peruse the shelves in person.

9. Renew Snacks

Renew Snacks

Last on our list for the best healthy snacks in Singapore is Renew Snacks!

This gourmet snack brand based in Singapore makes artisan spreads made of nuts and snack packs loaded with flavour. You can even customise your order to make it sweeter (with honey), more savoury (with pink salt) or spicier (with a variety of chili flakes).

They are such a popular choice of healthy snacks in Singapore, that Renew Snacks often caters corporate events. They’ve made snacking on the go super easy and energising! Their nuts are flavoured with addictive seasonings you’ll love to eat.

Some of their products include Sweet Sambal almonds, Hainanese chicken rice cashews, Sunny mix of nuts and mulberries, and Gusto cinnamon pecans and cranberries. Their physical store at Tampines SAFRA offers a large selection of snack foods anyone can eat, as it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly!


There are more healthy snacks in Singapore that we can keep track of, but this list offers the best of the best. They are actually healthy, nutritious, natural, and sustainable, a perfect additions to anyone’s diet!

From snack subscriptions, to bundles, to customised orders, these brands truly has the best snacking you can try. Whether you like sweet or savoury, crunchy or soft, our list can satisfy your cravings with the perfect bite.

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