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10 Best Organic Food Shops and Stores in Singapore

What You Will Find in This Article: Organic food can make all the difference you need by improving your normal lifestyle to a healthy one. For this I have compiled a list of the 10 best organic food shops in Singapore from where you can not only buy organic food but can also find all organic grocery you need for a fresh organic produce at your home.

Many people are looking for organic food stores and shops in Singapore. You can find healthy snacks and organic items at any of the below listed best organic food store in singapore which might not be available at normal shopping mall or supermarket grocers.

So, what are you waiting for read this article and shop for organic grocery without worry!

1. BestOrganicFood

BestOrganicFood is at the top of the list of online organic food stores in Singapore. It’s parent company, Chan Ah Beng Trading, has been operating for 25 years. They have a long and successful history of providing delicious imported food to customers.

After so many years in the business, they started BestOrganicFood. Their online shop takes orders at a minimum of $40 and delivers straight to your door! Worried that your food’s transit?

BestOrganicFood delivers in just two days – most organic supermarkets take four or more! Their online store and home delivery makes it so easy to eat organic with no worries. They have been certified organic and their suppliers are in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

They also have a huge selection of organic vegetables that would be difficult to find anywhere else. Their leafy greens will be delivered to you fresh and crisp!


2. Little Farms

Little Farms has both an online store and physical store. With a wide selection of organic products, from baby food to to frozen foods to gourmet goodies, Little Farms is a delight to shop at.

When it comes to their organic store section, they have a great quality. Their fresh produce is sourced from both local farms and overseas suppliers. They also have ethically sourced meats and dairy products from Australia, Europe, and across Asia. Enjoy cold cuts and yummy cheese that you know was raised healthily. You can be sure that you are upholding your values while you eat organic!

Little Farms has junk health foods, which are snacks like dried fruits, granola and yogurt that might be considered unhealthy when bought at your grocery store. From Little Farms, you can be certain they were certified organic and will be nutritious for your body.

If you visit their physical store, you can also enjoy their in house brand cafe and free samples.

Shop Location: Katong Point, 451 Joo Chiat Road #01-04, Singapore Singapore 427664


3. Avo and Co.

Avo and Co. also has an online store, and hold a physical stall at Loewen’s farmers markets. Their selection of organic products comes from both local and overseas sources. They are the perfect option for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Their primary service is their weekly subscription, which you can set up to receive boxes of organic products without worry or hassle. If you would rather shop for items, their website has categorized everything into neat selections.

Simply click on their organic selection and peruse through the fruits, veggies, pickled products, teas and more. Grocery stores will become a thing of the past with their seasonal services and home delivery.

Shop Location: 31 Bukit Batok Crescent #01-49 The Splendour Singapore 658070


4. Quan Fa Organic Farm

Founded in 1999, Quan Fa Organic Farm is among the most successful organic supermarkets in Singapore. They are so concerned with their customers’ well being, that they miss no detail. Quan Fa Organic Farm even ensures all produce is harvested in the mornings for the best quality.

The Quan Fa Organic Store store provides bundles and boxes of foods friendly to different diets and needs, such as their Keto box and organic pantry staples box! They have all things organic that you need, from organic condiments to beauty products like health supplements.

You even get notified of recent purchases made by others in Singapore on the Quan Fa Organic Farm website. Quan Fa Organic Farm deliveries are made every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 7 pm. They have very fast shipping, with most deliveries being made in 2 days or less.

Store Location: 2G Neo Tiew Lane, Plot 119, Singapore 719095


5. Straits Market

Straits Market has a wonderful selection of poultry, meats, seafood, cheese, wine, green-protein and of course delicious organic vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to cut meat out of your diet to stay organic!

Visit their store and load up your cart with fresh produce. Even better, if you order before 2 pm you can receive your products on the same day! An order of over $150 is also free of delivery fees.

If you would like some tasty pastries you can visit their pantry selection. Their baked goods are gluten free and vegan friendly.


6. The Green Girl

The Green Girl has a huge selection of organic products. You can find condiments, spreads, drinks, dried fruits and vegetables, baked goods, breakfast cereals, and more. This store is an organic heaven!

The store also has conveniently pre-packaged boxes of produce for families. You can subscribe for free and receive weekly boxes of your favourite fruits and vegetables. Instead of making daily trips to the grocery store, you can rest at home.

Their products are certified organic, and their online shop is easy to look through. Any orders above $180 have free delivery! They deliver once a week on Saturdays, so be sure to set a reminder for your order.


7. Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery store is a boutique organic grocer and butcher with a great online shop and multiple locations in Singapore. These outlets are in Binjai Park and on Kim Seng Promenade.

These outlets are basically grocery stores, with their produce sourced from certified-organic and ethical farms. They have a huge selection of free-range, high quality meat. Their flagship store and online shop are also allergen-friendly.

Not only do they have lots of delicious cuts of meat, they also have seafood, delicatessen meat, dairy, eggs and milk. Ryan’s Grocery also carries ready-made meals, baked goods and frozen food, beverages, snacks, and pantry staples.

You can choose to have your order delivered to your home, or you can collect it at their store location. They deliver all days of the week, and orders above $150 have free shipping!

Shop Location: 29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831 and 1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-144/145, Singapore 237994


8. Brown Rice Paradise

Brown Rice Paradise at the Tanglin Mall was established in 1994. They have a large eclectic mix of organic products. From baby foods, to vegetables, to skincare products, to household products, they have it all.

This makes Brown Rice Paradise one of the best-stocked organic grocery stores in Singapore! They also have a membership program, which gets you benefits such as 10% all products. Brown Rice Paradise has everything you need, and you can use their website to collect your order at their location in the Tanglin shopping mall.

They do provide home delivery, though there is a minimum basket order.

Store Location: 91 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Place, #01 – 04 / 05, Singapore 247918


9. Nature’s Glory

Nature’s Glory has been around since 1991, with a committed mission to their customer’s health and well being. Their founder originates from Japan, and they have a 100% organic-dedication with wholesale prices.

They have a huge range of products, from health supplements, candies, diabetic-friendly products, rare Asian products, hampers, personal beauty products, and of course lots of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Many of their products are also subject to international shipping, so you don’t have to be in Singapore to order! Forget about grocery stores, Nature’s Glory has you covered with every aspect.

They do have a physical location to visit, and their little store is full of delicious products that are difficult to find elsewhere. From Manuka honey to organic soaps.

Shop Location: 37 Jln Pemimpin, #08-16 Mapex Building, Singapore 577177


10. That Health Shop

That Health Shop has been serving customers since 2008, and have curated a large range of organic products. Other than groceries and fresh produce, which are more easily found in grocery stores, they also carry beauty and health products.

They have free shipping for orders over $79, which makes them more affordable. Of all the stores on this list, they are the only place with such a large bath and beauty selection.

If you would like to not only eat organic but add organic products to the rest of your daily life, they are the perfect choice. You can visit their physical locations or order online! They operate every Monday to Saturday.

Shop Location:

  • That Health Shop @ Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay, Unit 03-05, The Arcade, Singapore 049317
  • That Health Shop @ Roxy, 50 East Coast Road, Unit 01-112, Roxy Square 2 (Next to Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel), Singapore 428769


Final Words

There are a couple of complaints which many of you might have when it comes to buying organic food. But now, with this list of organic food shops in Singapore, I am pretty sure that you will never find it difficult to purchase your organic grocery or even organic baby food in singapore.

FAQs – Organic Stores in Singapore

Which supermarket sells the best organic food in Singapore?

Some of the most popular supermarkets that sell organic fresh produce of food in Singapore include NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, and Giant.

What organic foods are worth buying?

Some of the most popular organic foods that are worth buying include fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Where can I find organic products in Singapore?

There are many organic shops and health food stores in Singapore. You can find them easily by searching online or in your local directory.

What should I look for when buying and eating organic?

When buying organic products, always check the label to make sure that the product is certified organic. This means that it has been grown according to strict organic standards.

Are organic food products more expensive than conventional food products?

Organic products can be more expensive than conventional products, but they are worth the price. The quality of organic products is higher, and they are better for your health and the environment.

How can I learn more about organic food products?

You can learn more about organic food products by reading books or articles, visiting organic shops, or attending workshops or seminars.

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