20 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore [Must Visit]

TL;DR – Looking for the best vegetarian restaurants to dine at in Singapore? Our list has the top 20 vegetarian restaurants in Singapore for you to try.

There are many underrated vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. As someone interested in or following vegetarianism or veganism, it can be hard to find which restaurants are worth trying. Vegetarian food comes in all kinds of delicious cuisines and meals.

In fact, many cuisines already have meatless dishes that are globally loved. From Korean cuisine to Italian cuisine, there are countless delicious vegetarian dishes. With these amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants, you can try anything from noodle dishes, to vegan cakes, to vegan burgers.

We scoured Singapore, read hundreds of customer reviews, and looked through tons of menus to find the best vegetarian restaurants for you. These are the top 20 restaurants with highly rated meatless cuisine and vegan and vegetarian options.

1. Real Food


  • 181 Orchard Rd, #02-16 to 19, Singapore 238896
  • 26 Beach Rd, #B1-19 South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189768
  • 30A Yishun Central 1, #01-09, Singapore 768796

Real Food provides hearty, budget friendly vegetarian and vegan food to their Singaporean customers. They have 3 locations in Orchard Central, South Beach Avenue, and Yishun. Real Food has a variety of cuisines on their menu.

Some of their top menu items are:

  • Sourdough Toast with Guacamole or Almond Butter
  • Tom Yum Vermicelli
  • Cheesy Miso Tofu Burger with homemade pesto
  • Pomodoro Crudo Pasta

These affordable options are filling, hearty, and affordable. They are made with fresh vegetables and vegan cheeses. Their pasta also comes in a gluten free variety. You can also order from Real Food for home delivery through Whatsapp.

2. Cultivate Café

Location: Within Maxwell Reserve, Autograph Collection, 2 Cook St, 078857

The Cultivate Café takes health and wellness to the next level. Their delicious food menu is entirely plant based food, GMO free, and gluten free. The cafe’s mission is to serve clean vegan food, with organic ingredients sourced from local farms.

Their beverages are also top-notch and pair well with their extensive menu. Some of their best drinks with a sweet note include:

  • Butterfly Pea and Lemon Kombucha
  • Cold Brew Martini
  • Ancient Vibes Organic Smoothie

Their plant based restaurant food includes vegetarian Japanese food as well as Thai, Indian and western dishes like:

  • Soba noodles with Broccoli
  • Vegan Burgers
  • Chaat Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Tamarind and Coriander Chutney
  • Pad Thai Rice Noodles

They also have several delicious vegan sandwiches. The cafe’s vegetarian cuisine suits all kinds of tastes and dietary needs. They are the perfect place for a relaxing lunch, as their décor is also stunning to enjoy.

3. Warung Ijo

Location: 337 Beach Rd, Singapore 199565

Warung Ijo is the best vegetarian restaurant for traditional Indonesian dishes. You can choose your spiciness level for certain dishes, while still enjoying an authentic Indonesian taste. For dishes using fish, pork, beef and other proteins, mock meat is used.

Some of their best dishes are:

  • Gulai Fish (coconut and vegetable curry with vegan fish)
  • Petai Terong Cabe Ijo (petai beans with eggplant and chili)
  • Tempe Bacam
  • Vegetarian Satay with Peanut Sauce

This warung has a warm and welcoming charm as a smaller restaurant. Their meals are very affordable, with most dishes around the price of SGD $10. Warung Ijo do use eggs in some dishes. Simply request no egg to enjoy completely vegetarian dishes.

4. Joie by Dozo

Location: 181 Orchard Rd, #12 – 01, Singapore 238896

Joie (pronounced joy) is a fine dining experience with meat free cuisine. Enjoy the stunning view from the rooftop of Orchard Central and order modern vegetarian food. Their packages come as a six-course lunch or four-course lunch, and five to seven-course dinner options.

They use fresh salads and ingredients, innovative techniques, and artistic plating to serve their customers with the best culinary creations. Despite their fine dining label, their packages are surprisingly affordable.

The four-course lunch begins at SGD $38+ per pax. It includes a starter of an assorted plate, three soups to choose from, four main dishes, and three dessert choices. One drink is also included.

Some of their most splendid vegan and vegetarian dishes are:

  • Truffle Risotto
  • Duo Ravioli Platter
  • Red Wine Poach Pear with Lime Sorbet

5. Afterglow by Anglow

Location: 24 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089131

Afterglow is a vegetarian restaurant with a dine-in menu that will impress and dazzle you. All their vegan and vegetarian food is meat free, egg free, and uses no artificial sweeteners or refined sugar. They make everything in-house. Asides from their bread and taco shells, all their food is also gluten free.

They also mark all ingredients that could be allergens, such as garlic and onion, nuts, seeds, legumes, and soy. They are inspired by some Korean food, Japanese food, and a number of other cuisines (such as Mediterranean).

Their dishes include:

  • Kyoto Summer salad, with Japanese tofu and seasonal vegetables
  • Kimchi Avo Rolls
  • Smoked Stack Burger with a vegan friendly patty
  • Raw Cheesecake, with cashew cream and date and walnut crust
  • Summer Berries Tart with Earl Grey Coconut Cream

These plates have many creative components, like lentil flaxseed nuggets, mushroom meat free meatballs, and vegan cheesy kale chips.

6. Herbivore

Location: 190 Middle Rd, #01-13/14 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

Herbivore is a Japanese and Western cuisine restaurant. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore, with many vegetarian food options as well as fish dishes. If you follow a pescatarian diet or simply want to cut meat out of your meals, it is the best place to find good food.

Some of their most popular local dishes include:

  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Unagi Maki
  • Tempura Cha Soba
  • Chilled Somen Set
  • Tempura Hiyashi Udon
  • Katsu Curry

The Herbivore dishes are filling and beautiful to look at. You get to eat the food with your eyes as well! Their sets, which can have rice dishes, noodles, and fried vegetables, are especially delicious.

7. The Kind Bowl


  • 71 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239527
  • Northpoint City South Wing #B2-132 Singapore 768019
  • 1 Maju Avenue #B1-03 Singapore 556679

The Kind Bowl is a green Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant with 3 locations in Singapore. They strive to serve customers with affordable, ethical, and delicious plant based food. Not only can you dine-in at any of their cosy restaurant locations, you can also order from them. They have island-wide delivery, so you can get yummy Vietnamese dishes at home.

Most of their dishes follow the restaurant’s namesake and are served up in bowls. Some of their best dishes include:

  • The Kind Pho, with grilled oyster mushrooms, fresh herbs and rice noodles
  • No Crab Noodles, with whole grain noodles and fermented tomato paste soup
  • Eat the Rainbow, with grilled soy mock meats, crunchy veggies, and chili sauce

They also have some delicious vegan and vegetarian beverages, such as:

  • Life’s a Bubble (boba tea)
  • No-Moo Iced Latte
  • Pomegranate Detox

8. Whole Earth

Location: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331

Whole Earth strives for plant-based perfection. Opened in 2003, they are the first of all plant based restaurants in Singapore awarded with the Michelin Bib Gourmand. Whole Earth was given this award in 2016, and will keep it in 2022.

They have also partnered with Green Monday and OmniMeat to dish out the best Peranakan Chinese vegetarian cuisine and vegan versions of timeless dishes. They allow customers to follow a meat free diet while enjoying usually Asian cuisine and savoury, meaty dishes.

Several of their popular OmniMeat dishes include:

  • Elephant Toes, made of hearty mushrooms and fresh vegetables
  • Harmony Tofu
  • Succulent Eggplant

Whole Earth’s Peranakan Chinese vegetarian food is a blend of Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. It is extremely difficult to find this style of food in Singapore. You can enjoy meals like:

  • Penang Rendang
  • Nutty Buah Keluak, which is made over three days
  • Nonya Curry
  • XO Fried Rice

9. Gokul – Raas Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: 19 Upper Dickson Rd, Singapore 207478

Gokul – Raas Vegetarian Restaurant was founded in 2003, on the belief that vegetarian food should be exciting and full of flavour. They serve a mix of majority traditional North and South Indian vegetarian dishes and Chinese dishes.

Their reviews are glowing, and they have been featured in local Singaporean news several times. Their Indian vegetarian curries are extremely praised, which makes them one of the best vegetarian restaurants to find Indian food.

Some of their best vegetarian Indian cuisine options include:

  • Indian Rojak
  • Aloo Gobi
  • Bhindi Masala

Gokul also does vegetarian buffets and catering for events. You can order from them through their phone number or at their restaurant location.

10. The Boneless Kitchen

Location: 1 Irving Pl, #01-31 Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546

The Boneless Kitchen was founded in 2014. It has some of the best vegetarian and vegan Korean food in all of Singapore! All their food is made from scratch, and all of their ingredients are sourced from Korea. They make natural food without any alliums, such as garlic, onions, and shallots. The Boneless Kitchen also does not use MSG in their food.

They are not one of the vegan restaurants on this list, as they do still use fish, other seafood, and egg in their dishes.

This is definitely one of, if not the best vegetarian restaurant in Singapore to get authentic Korean cuisine. Some of their best menu items include:

  • Kimchi Bulgogi Fries
  • Tteokbokki (spicy, chewy rice cakes)
  • Doenjang Jjigae (soy bean soup)
  • Budae Jeongol (hotpot)
  • Yachae Twigim (vegetables and mushroom tempura)

11. Original Sin

Location: 01-62 Jln Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, Blk 43, Singapore 278115

Original Sin is the first Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Founded in 1997, the restaurant has an open seating plan outside in Chip Bee Gardens, so you can enjoy fresh air and the stars while you dine. It is one of coziest restaurants in Singapore, with a relaxed atmosphere.

They have been featured in Singaporean news for their spectacular food several times. You can book a reservation to dine-in, or you can order from Original Sin online. They have a large menu, so don’t be afraid to try something new! They are sure to have something that everyone and anyone can enjoy.

Some of their menu items include:

  • Haloumi, with pan-fried capsicum and lentils
  • Spinach Tortellini
  • Mediterranean Pizza (and other vegan pizzas)
  • Moussaka, made with layers of eggplant, potato, and lentils
  • Tiramisu

12. Komala Vilas

Location: 76-78 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217981

Komala Vilas was founded in 1947, with traditional Indian vegetarian dishes originating from Tamil Nadu, the founder’s home village. They serve meat free North and South Indian dishes, providing a variety of flavours.

They have island-wide delivery, catering services, and a dine-in menu. They have many options for those who want vegan and vegetarian options.

  • Vegetable Biryani
  • Rawa Dosai
  • Chenna Masala
  • Gobi Mutter
  • Dosai

The vegetarian restaurant has many meal sets, side dishes and snacks to choose from as well. You can easily find something to love and broaden your culinary experiences.

13. Sufood

Location: 252 North Bridge Rd, #02 – 19, Singapore 179103

Sufood, located at the Raffles City Shopping Centre, serves plant based lunch and dinner from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, and 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm. They are all about creative, wholesome, and tasty food at this vegetarian restaurant.

Some of their yummiest dishes include:

  • Zesty Oyster Mushroom Pot with 5 Grain Rice
  • Calzone Pizza
  • Miso Kombu Soup with Lotus Seeds
  • Baked Shell Pasta with Black Truffle
  • Maple Osmanthus Flower Jelly

You can order a 4-course, 6-course, or 8-course meal for lunch or dinner. Prices range from $23.80 to $38.80. Enjoy a fine-dining experience at an affordable price! Their meals have been specially formulated to be nutritious and well-balanced. For example, they add kale and spinach to dishes to ensure it is full of protein.

14. Genesis Vegan Restaurant

Location: 2 Havelock Rd, #B1-01 Havelock Ii, Singapore 059763

Genesis Vegan Restaurant is a small cafe and vegan restaurant. Their dishes are especially nutritious, and limited in salt, sugar and MSG content. They serve both Western and Eastern dishes. Their menu is mostly comprised of pasta, rice, and noodles with sauces or broth.

The cafe is especially generous, with their custom programme that contributes back to the community. The Genesis Vegan Restaurant deliver flavourful and nutritious lunch boxes to many of the elderly in Singapore.

You can support their charitable mission by ordering from them!

Some of their dishes include:

  • Chicken Rice, with capsicums and fresh yuba sheets
  • 7 Layer Haystack, with Mexican rice and beans, corn chips, and salsa
  • Japanese Rice, served on a seaweed sheet
  • Dumpling Noodles
  • Ginger Mee Sua

15. Project Acai


  • 391 Orchard Rd, #B2 – 32A, Singapore 238872
  • 27 Lor Liput, Singapore 277738
  • 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-92 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
  • 217 E Coast Rd, #01-03, Singapore 428915
  • 18 Raffles Quay, Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat, Singapore 048582

Project Acai takes their acai bowls to the next level, making almost artisan level products at their 5 store locations in Singapore. Each location has a slightly different menu, so you can go to each one and try unique items.

The Project Acai restaurants in Singapore also sell vegetarian food snacks and beverages. For their snacks, you can choose from hummus and chips or toast with a delicious spread. They have avocado, nut butter with fruit, and hummus toasts.

Some of their beverages include:

  • Hojicha Latte with oat milk
  • Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte
  • Melon Mangosteen Tea

Their acai bowl options include:

  • Original Flower, with banana and granola
  • Coconut Yogurt
  • Nuts for Acai

They also have delicious acai smoothies with chocolate, mango, and green tea flavours. These can be made gluten free and dairy free by request!

16. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: 103 Irrawaddy Rd, #02-07 Royal Square@Novena, Singapore 329566

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant has many plates of meat free Asian cuisine. They can be ordered from and deliver to anywhere in Singapore. They have a huge menu with a variety of options. From sharing platters, to single meals, dim sum, and more.

Some of their most delicious and popular plates include:

  • Grilled ‘Fish’ in Japanese Miso Broth
  • Signature Sharing Platter
  • Blue Pea Flower Nasi Lemak
  • Premium Bento Set
  • Veggie Mutton Curry

They also have a connected Lotus Vegetarian Cafe, which has many snacks, meals, and refreshing beverages. You can find unique drinks such as Wild Berry Kombucha, My Strawberry Fantasy Sparkling Drink, and Honey Yuzu Rose Tea.

17. Love Handle Deli

Location: 8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788

Love Handle is a butchery and deli with meat free options! Their deli is one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore with many vegetarian food options based on meat dishes.

Their menu focuses on burgers, Western main dishes, and healthy side dishes. Just reading through the items is enough to make your mouth water!

Some of these include:

  • Pulled Rendang Burger
  • Hot Tindle Burger
  • Chick’n and Pancakes
  • Meatballs
  • Calamari Rings, which are vegan

Their butchery also has many vegan options for cuts of meat, such as chicken, impossible pork, and many more.

18. The Spice ADDA

Location: 7500E Beach Rd, #01-201 Diners Building, Singapore 199595

The Spice ADDA serves soulful, modern Indian food. It is run by Michelin starred chef, Manjunath Mural. The restaurant strives to provide a gastronomic experience using local flavours mixed into traditional Indian dishes. They also have amazing beverages made by their expert mixologists.

The restaurant is not fully vegetarian, however their menu does have several vegetarian sections. You can also ask for a vegan option.

Some of their best vegetarian food dishes include:

  • Kolkata Momos, with water chestnut
  • Desi Tacos
  • Butter Tindle Chicken Pot Pie
  • Vegan Carrot Halwa
  • Kurkuri Bhindi Fry, made with okra

19. Kitchen by Food Rebel

Location: 28 Stanley St, Singapore 068737

Kitchen by Food Rebel provides clean eating to customers all over Singapore. They have vegan, gluten free, brunch, and dessert menu items. This online location is primarily found on Instagram, so you order directly from their page.

Their menu items include vegan and vegetarian dishes like:

  • Beetroot Falafel
  • Chickpea Rice Burger
  • Organic Tofu Satay
  • Gluten free Tacos
  • Gluten free Carrot Cake

20. VeganBurg

Location: 44 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419502

VeganBurg creates vegan burgers that make the customers and the planet happy and healthy. These burgers are cholesterol free, have no eggs, dairy and hormones, and are plant-based. They have been awarded nearly a dozen times at the time of writing for their delicious burgers, side dishes, and dessert.

They are definitely one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. With so many options, you can visit several times and never get tired of their food.

Some of their best, mouthwatering burgers include:

  • Creamy Mushrooms
  • Chili Krab
  • Haight n’ Salsa
  • Avocado Beetroot
  • Char-Grilled Satay

Some of their side dishes include cheesy fries, rainbowl salad, and chick’n tenders. Desserts include brownies, cakes, and cookies.

Final Words

Finding vegetarian restaurants in Singapore that make hearty, filling, and even beautiful meals is not hard! There are certainly many options to try in Singapore.

These vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are the top 20 locations where you can find delicious vegetarian dishes! We have included several cuisines to try from, all at an affordable budget.

So, next time you’re hungry, try one of these vegetarian restaurants for a new experience. You might find your new favourite spot to dine.

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