Coconut oil: Fatty or beneficial?

Haven’t tried coconut oil? Here’s a list of benefits that will make you want to start.

Coconut oil is produced in tropical countries such as India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In the 1970s, a viral campaign against it was spread by the corn and soybean oil industry. People believed coconut oil was harmful due to its high saturated fat content. However, as numerous benefits were revealed by researchers, people began questioning the claims.

 Coconut oil: Fatty or beneficial?

The product has been making waves in the health and beauty industries with its unique composition of fatty acids. Most of them are medium-chain triglycerides, which have therapeutic effects on diseases like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

One of its primary fatty acids is lauric acid, which the body will convert into monolaurin, a compound helpful in fighting viruses and bacteria that causes diseases such as herpes, influenza and HIV. It also destroys fungi and parasites that cause indigestion. Lauric acid lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Coconut oil boosts metabolism, supports burning of fats and could be very effective for weight loss. Research has shown that it is especially effective in shedding abdominal fat.

A study of 40 women showed that those who consumed 30ml of coconut oil every day for 12 weeks significantly reduced their BMI and waist circumference. Another study of 20 obese males noted an average 1.1-inch reduction in waist circumference, in those who consumed 30ml of the oil per day for a month.

 Coconut oil: Fatty or beneficial?

In addition, coconut oil protects the hair against protein loss and damage.  It also contains antioxidant properties that help to moisturise our skin, prevent premature ageing and guard against degenerative diseases.

While organic and virgin coconut oil are typical choices in the Singapore market, its refined variation is becoming increasing popular as it can be directly applied to hair. Just replace your usual cooking oil with this coconut variety for easy consumption!

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