What is face yoga and should you give it a go?

We’ve heard a lot about yoga, but have you heard of face yoga?

 What is face yoga and should you give it a go?

What is it?

It is exactly what it sounds like- a set of yoga exercises specifically for your face! After all, if you are exercising your body, it makes sense to give a workout to your face too, right?

The benefits of facial yoga

We tend to see yoga as a relaxing, stress-busting exercise. But apart from calming you down after a particularly hectic week, there are other benefits to face yoga as well.

Face yoga is said to have anti-aging effects by helping to lift and tone the skin on your face and neck. Proponents claim that it is a natural alternative to Botox and anti-aging creams, helping you maintain a youthful look for free.

It works by stimulating blood circulation and oxygen, as well as by promoting collagen production which helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, thereby preventing or reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Better blood circulation also results in a better complexion, which means clearer skin and a healthier glow- who wouldn’t want that?

And to top it all off, the exercise is said to help you lose weight on your face, so give it a go and you could eliminate the dreaded double chin too.

Where to learn

The best thing about face yoga is that you don’t have to go to a yoga studio to learn it. There are plenty of online videos and guides for you to follow along at home. Here are some to try:

Byrdie has complied some simple face yoga poses here, including poses for eye lifts and face lifts.

To tackle droopy eyes, neck lines and smile lines, refer to this set of exercises compiled by Marie Claire UK.

And just for fun, check out this facial yoga photo essay by TIME.com too!

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  1. This sounds interesting. I can give it a try to release the stress and from a tiring and hectic week at work. I hope it works.

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