6 Best Gelato Ice Cream Shops in Singapore

Considered a healthier treat than ice cream, there are plenty of gelato spots in Singapore for you to get your fix!

Why is it healthier?

Although the name mean “ice cream” in Italian, there are significant differences between gelati and your usual ice creams.

According to eatouteatwell.com, written by a nutritional counsellor and doctoral level nurse, “Gelato has less butterfat than ice cream, usually about 4 to 8% compared to ice cream’s 10 to 20%.” This makes gelato a decidedly less sinful indulgence than ice cream.

In addition, the making process differs. As a Huffington Post article states, ice cream is churned faster, incorporating more air. In comparison, gelato is churned slower, has less air volume and is denser. Some claim that the denser product creates a richer flavour.

Where to get your gelato:

Now that you’re armed with the facts, here are some top picks for a refreshing treat on a hot day.


With all their flavours proudly made in store, Gelatissimo offers fruit-based gelati as well as more interesting picks like burnt caramel & pecan and Red Bull. You can also mix up to 3 flavours for a customised treat.

Alfero Gelato

Alfero Gelato prides itself in creating gelati from only the best quality ingredients. These include pistachios from Sicily, Macha green tea imported from Japan, Italian espresso beans, and not forgetting, a Singaporean favourite, the local durian.


This Instagram-famous American franchise has set up an outlet in Singapore at Plaza Singapura. Popbar is known for serving up their gelati on a sticks, popsicle-style. Made with only natural flavourings, signature flavours include the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Italian Pistachio.

+39 Gelato Bar

This is the most high-end pick on the list, +39 Gelato Bar offers a premium sweet treat. Their gelati are made fresh on-site every day, with unique flavours like Chilli Chocolate, Chocoginger and Pineapple Lemon Basil. And if you want to get a little buzzed, they have alcoholic picks such as Frozen Pina Colada and Lychee Sorbet Martini as well.

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