Best Guide On Growing Microgreens At Home [Updated Today]

Do you know how to grow microgreens at home?


Don’t worry as here is the best guide which will give you the best ways and advice on growing microgreens at home easily.

Living in a public flat often means having little space to grow vegetables, herbs and microgreens. But this does not mean that you cannot grow your microgreens at your home.

Microgreens grown at home are highly healthy for you as they are grown under your personal supervision and are grown in an organic manner.

But firstly let us tell you more about what actually microgreens are and then how to grow them at home.

What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are vegetable confetti which many a times people confuse with sprouts.

A number of eatable greens which are harvested with scissors after germinations are known as microgreens. Microgreens are almost 2 inches tall in height and this is the time when they are harvested.

Every part of a microgreen is eatable like the stem, the seed leaves which are also known as cotyledons and first set of true leaves all these are eatable.

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What Seeds Should I Use To Grow Microgreens?

Do you know that there are many herbs, green leafy vegetables and salads which can be grown as microgreens quite easily but before all this you should know what type of seeds you should use to grow these microgreens at your home.

It is advised to start by growing easy microgreens like cabbage, broccoli, chia etc at your home as they are easy to grow and easy to maintain.

Also, these microgreens can be grown in a single container.

Also, seeds for salads and other mixed microgreens can be found easily. These mixed microgreens grows quite easily and are good in taste as well.

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How To Grow Microgreen At Home?

As already told that growing microgreens is not a hard task and anyone can grow them at home by just following the steps given below in this guide.

To grow microgreens the most important thing which you need is a warm condition and a clean small jar or container in which you will sow microgreen seeds.

Note: Make sure that the container or box you are selecting should have small small holes in it so that sunlight and fresh air can pass inside.

Steps To Grow Microgreens

1. Buy a pack of seeds and before opening it, do read the instructions written on it.

2. Fill up (2 inches) the bottom of your selected container or box with moistened potting soil. Level the soil by flattening the surface. But, remember that you should not overcompress the soil.

3. Now open the pack of seeds and spread the seeds on top of the soil and once done, cover the container with the closing lid or anything which you want to use for closing it.

4. Keep the lid closed until you see that the seeds are sprouted or not.

5. It will take around 4 to 8 days for the seeds to have sprouted. Keep the soil moist by watering it from the holes you have in the contrainer but make sure to keep moist only and not wet.

6. Once you see that the seeds have sprouted, open the container and water it to keep the soil moist once or twice a day.

Important Note: It needs atleast 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight of microgreen to grow. So if you are seeing pale greens, or leggy greens then it is a clear sign that your microgreens are not getting enough sunlight.

7. Water your microgreen seeds regularly to make sure that your seedlings are not drying out. The amount and duration of watering will depend on the amount of light your container is getting and the soil mixture used.

8. Do not use a mug to water, always use water sprayer to spray water on your seedlings.

9. If left without water for a longer period of time then your microgreens can die. So keep a check on them and water them regularly.

10. Once you see a 2 inches tall leaves that is the time when your crop is ready to be harvested.

11. Use scissors to cut the microgreens.


It is easy to grow microgreens at home but proper steps should be taken and proper care should be done to get a good result out of it.

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