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9 Local Snacks in Singapore Which You Should Definitely Try

Blurb: You must try these local snacks in Singapore which are all now a brand! Don’t miss out on any of these delicious Singapore local snacks as you won’t get them anywhere else in the world.

Singapore is loved by many because its many food related attractions, and this includes Singaporean local snack brands too. If you visit Singapore, you will be absolutely tempted by the local flavours which you just can’t find anywhere else in the world, like crazy spicy cassava chips, unique cookies, or sour cream cashew nuts.

List of Best Local Snacks Brands in Singapore

Just by entering a supermarket in singapore and looking at the rows upon rows for snacks might be time-wasting! It can be difficult to tell what you’ll like, and which snacks brand will give you a true taste of Singapore just by looking at the packets. This is why we have reviewed and picked out the best local snack brands in Singapore for you to try.

Forget dull, plain snacks like potato chips and generic vanilla ice cream, Singapore has so much more to offer!

1. Irvins Salted Egg Salmon Skin Crisps

Irvins Salted Egg Salmon Skin Crisps

You might not have been expecting salted egg yolk and salted fish skin to be at the top of this list, but trust us – it deserves the top spot! The Irvins brand pioneered the salted egg fish skin craze in Singapore with their addictive crispy fish skins.

Even celebrities outside Singapore, like Cardi B, have admitted that she is totally in love with the Irvins salted egg fish skins! They are perfectly crispy, salty, savoury, and have just the right amount of salmon and egg yolk flavour.

They are seasoned with curry leaves, chilli seeds, and fermented egg yolk. If you don’t find yourself enamored with the distinctive salted egg yolk snacks, don’t worry. Irvins also has cassava chips, potato chips, and salmon skins.

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2. Uncle Saba’s

Uncle Saba's

Uncle Saba’s makes super yummy vegan, gluten-free, and protein-filled snacks. Their lentil and chickpea chips are called Poppadoms, and are available in eight different flavours. These are:

  • Original flavour
  • Hot & Spicy
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • Korean BBQ
  • Thai Tom Yum Seafood
  • Singapore Chilli Crab

Their Thai Tom Yum Seafood and Singapore Chilli Crab flavours are limited edition, and both of them (along with Hot & Spicy) provide a tantalising spicy kick to your taste buds. Though Uncle Saba’s was founded in Singapore over a hundred years ago, their Poppadoms are so popular, that they have become available in other countries!

Keep an eye out for the Uncle Saba’s brand if you’re in Australia, Germany, the United States, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

The lentil and chickpea snack flavours were achieved by reinventing local restaurant flavours – something bigger brands (like Pringles) just can’t replicate! The hand cooked chips tossed in flavourful powder definitely deserve a spot in your pantry as a staple snack.

The Cookie Museum Singapore

The Cookie Museum distills Singapore classics into delicious bite sized chunks in the form of perfectly-baked cookies. You might be thinking that the cookies only come in sweet flavours, but you would be wrong. With their method of simple yet delicious infusion, the cookie flavours come in:

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Berry Lite
  • Shrimp Laksa
  • Pandan Chiffon
  • Strawberry Chamomile
  • Champagne Lychee
  • Jade Fairy
  • Earl Grey
  • Blueberry Lavender
  • Chilli Crab

…and more! The sweet and savoury cookies are a perfect example of local brands celebrating uniquely Singaporean flavours. The Cookie Museum’s many heritage flavours are beloved by many Singaporeans, so much so that they are often given as gifts.

The Cookie Museum perfumes shortbread cookies with flowery and sweet flavours, such as the Earl Grey. You can find Chilli Crab cookies and other rarer flavours for sale on their website or at their store in Raffles City. They make a great souvenir to bring home and share with friends!


F.EAST Singapore Local Snacks

The F.EAST brand makes potato chips in Singaporean flavours you’ve never had before! Local favourites include:

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Singapore Laksa
  • Beef Rendang
  • Egg Prata with Fish Curry
  • Mala Chips

The Mala craze in Singapore is satiated with their spicy, tongue-tingling Mala chips, made from Sichuan peppercorn. Their Hainanese Chicken Rice potato chips work so well that they’ve put the homegrown brand in the spotlight.

You can purchase them online, from the F.EAST online shop or from Shopee. The F.EAST potato chips are seriously good and seriously underrated!

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5. The Kettle Gourmet

The Kettle Gourmet

Singapore loves their gourmet kettle popcorn doused, especially when it’s from The Kettle Gourmet. The brand has perfected making luxury flavours that take you by surprise. The Kettle Gourmet dabbles in making wilder flavours no one expects, but can’t help getting addicted to!

They also brought the Nutkins, a popular peanut snack brand, to Singapore. Their more mainstream popcorns come in flavours like chocolate, salted caramel, Kaya butter toast, and Teh Tarik popcorn. However, they also love to celebrate unique Singaporean flavours with popcorns like Nasi Lemak, Fish Head Curry, Chicken Floss, and Pulut Hitam.

Their popcorns are often sold in Family Packs or bundles. It’s hard to buy just one pack when it’s easy to indulge in handfuls of the addictive popcorn. You can buy them in local stores or online through the Kettle Gourmet website.

6. Aroma Truffle

Aroma Truffle & Co. are based in Singapore, but heavily incorporate Italian black summer truffles into their snacks. They even have their own truffle farm in Italy, and deliver their chips to countries all over the world.

The chips are loved for their unbeatable flavour blend of wild mushroom, garlic and hazelnut notes, with a rich earthy aroma. The familiar scent of truffle and umami have made Aroma Truffle distinguishable from many other chip brands in Singapore.

Though their main snack are their potato chips, they also sell popular handmade cookies in original or parmesan flavours. They also have truffle popcorns and condiments for all truffle lovers in Singapore!

7. Pok Pok Chicken Skin

The definition of a homegrown brand, Pok Pok Chicken Skin makes the most crunchy, umami-packed fried chicken skin in all of Singapore. They’re an online brand that launched in 2019, and only have one product – their peppery chicken skins in an Original flavour.

Despite being a very new brand to the snack scene, the Original chicken skin crisps with a mild spicy kick have become a Singaporean favourite already. With a super bold, bright pink packaging theme and an adorable chicken mascot, Pok Pok is destined for greatness.

Watch their journey closely, because we have a feeling they’re going to hit stores in Singapore and explode in popularity very soon. The chicken skins are seasoned with just the right amount of salt, palm sugar, pepper corns, and a secret chicken flavour mix.

8. Fupi

Fupi’s snacks are an innovative take on chips, made out of bean curd! Bean curd skin is a traditional ingredient used in many Singaporean dishes, so why not make it a tasty snack? They have all types of locally-loved flavours, like:

  • Nyonya Laksa
  • Sichuan Mala
  • Hot Pot Tomato
  • Seaweed Wasabi
  • Thai Green Curry

And many more! You can definitely add Fupi’s fried bean curd skins to your favourite hawker mala collection. They’re the perfect blend of healthy, crispy, and indulgent.

9. King of Melon Seed

King of Melon Seed sells all sorts of seed-based and dried fruit snacks, from dried mango slices to crunchy black sesame bars. Compared to many other brands, this snack company has a huge variety of snacks to choose from!

If you like dried nuts, fruits, seafood, and seeds – King of Melon Seed products is for you. They have specially-made Chinese New Year goodies, and have pioneered the nuts and seeds industry in Singapore since their founding in 1946.

There are many popular local snacks in Singapore which reflect the country’s multicultural heritage. Some of the most well-known snacks include chicken rice, chili crab, roti prata, and bak kut teh. These snacks are typically sold by street vendors or restaurants, and are popular among locals and tourists alike.

What Snacks are Unique in Singapore?

One popular snack is kaya toast, a dish that consists of toast with a coconut Jam filling. Another popular snack is curry puffs, which are fried pastries filled with curry and vegetables. For those who prefer something sweet, there are a variety of cakes and cookies that are popular in Singapore.

And of course, no discussion of Singaporean snacks would be complete without mention of the ubiquitous street food. From grilled satay to fresh seafood, there’s no shortage of delicious options to choose from.

So whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, you’re sure to find a unique snack in Singapore.


Singapore’s snack scene is unparalleled in innovation and deliciousness. These brands, from Irvins Salted Egg Salmon Skins to King of Melon Seed, provide a yummy look into many local flavours.

Honorable mentions also include the nostalgic Bee Bee crackers, which make gem biscuits that reign eternal! The Golden Duck mooncakes are another must-try during Chinese New Years. These snacks make for wonderful pantry staples, or fun souvenirs to bring back home.

Make sure to save this list the next time you visit a Singaporean supermarket. If you’re abroad or simply want to relax at home, rest assured – these snacks can also be bought online!

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