Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

Do you love yoga, wine and shopping for organic food? Consider a visit to Mahota Commune, a one-stop supermarket in Lavender.

Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

Get your groceries done, enjoy a hearty meal and sweat it off at Mahota Commune, the latest addition to Singapore’s health and wellness scene.

Despite being an amalgam of different offerings, it is a specialty grocery store at heart; one which caters to health conscious consumers and nature lovers alike. 

Officially opened on July 7, the 20,000 sq ft store at Kitchener Complex is a stone’s throw away from Lavender MRT station. Here, consumers can find a wide range of organic food, eco-friendly lifestyle products, a DIY-wood workshop and even a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic — all within a single retail space. 

Here are five things we loved (apart from filling our grocery baskets):

1) Enjoy an eco-friendly cup of coffee

Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

If you can’t live without coffee, here’s a good reason to start your day with Mahota’s brew: the beans are produced with Mother Nature in mind.

“The coffee beans that we use at Mahota Pantry are naturally dried, rather than washed,” said trainee manager Chen Wanxin. “This helps to save the environment by cutting down water usage,” she added.

2) Take part in fitness activities 

Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

Looking to start the day right? Mahota organises an hour-long morning walk that starts at 9am on Sundays. Participants get to enjoy a heritage tour of the Jalan Besar area.

For those who prefer to exercise indoors, choose to participate in an Asanas Yoga class that costs $15 per session, or $90 for a package of seven. These thrice-weekly 1.5 hour-long sessions are led by yoga instructor Edwin Low who will guide students in building their inner strength, mental well-being and overall fitness.

3) Tasting is believing, try fresh food before buying

Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

As part of its integrative approach to healthy living, the supermarket aims to bring natural produce to the masses. Fresh ingredients, including raw meat and green vegetables, are not only available for purchase at the market, but are used by the Mahota Pantry café and Mahota Kitchen restaurant.

For instance, organic beef from Blackwood, Australia – served as part of Mahota Kitchen’s hotpot A La Carte menu – can be bought directly from the store’s delicatessen.

4) Take Instagram-worthy shots

Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

In line with its green focus, Mahota Commune’s décor features several eye-catching rustic displays. Beech-coloured woods and other natural materials take centre stage. 

Adventurous customers can also try their hand at carpentry at the DIY corner, which is well-equipped with tools and planks. One little-known secret: some of the store’s fixtures were in fact hand-assembled locally using waste wood gathered from Japan!

5) Procure organic wines from Mahota Commune’s vineyard

Mahota Commune: Where yoga and wine collide

Last but not least, wine aficionados can purchase the store’s vintage here, in addition to bottles from Italy and Australia.

“Our in-house wines are made from organically-grown grapes at our vineyard in Penglai, China,” explained Mr Donald Tsu, who manages its wine sales. “Just like any other Mahota produce, a lot of care goes into growing the grapes that we use. We do not treat them with chemical pesticides and every fruit is harvested by hand to ensure their freshness,” he added.

Do you know of any eco-friendly and/or organic supermarkets in Singapore? We’re all ears at

Mahota Commune

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