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What’s the fuss about Paleo diet?

Like it or not, the Paleo diet is making its rounds. Here’s an Aerinlé lowdown.

Like it or not, the Paleo diet is making its rounds. Here’s an Aerinlé lowdown.

Understanding Paleo

Palaeolithic, or Paleo is a diet based on food that our human ancestors may have eaten featuring meat, nuts and berries. It is designed to avoid food that was unavailable in that era such as dairy products, grains, legumes, processed food and refined sugar. See the following infographic to know more about the typical meal and food items in a Paleo Diet.

What's the fuss about Paleo diet?

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The genesis 

It became popular when Dr Loren Cordain, a scientist specialising in nutrition and exercise physiology, introduced the concept in a book titled “The Paleo Diet”.

How does it help the body?

It encourages us to consume more fruits and vegetables while lowering our sugar and sodium intake. This results in having a lean and muscular physique.

However, many have noted that the diet places a large emphasis on meat. Critics say that the meat we eat today is not as lean as it was thousands of years ago.

Debunking the Paleo diet

In the following TED Talk, anthropologist Christina Warinner talks about how the Paleo diet is not made up of food our ancestors would have eaten. She adds that the diet is based on several misconceptions that people have about the Palaeolithic era.

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