What Is pH Balance? Importance of pH Balance in Human Body

Do you want to lose weight and lose belly fat?


Do you want to get healthier?

If Yes, then you should know that you can get healthier and lose weight and belly fat easily by taking a proper and well planned meal diet. You have to get the best possible ingredients and follow your diet plan strictly. And if you will do so then you are surely giving your best shot to achieve your goal of becoming more healthier and losing weight.

But, in this journey of becoming healthier, there are multiple factors which will affect your success.

Some of these are high important factors like self discipline and eating low calorie food.

But, there are certain factors that play into your ability to get healthier, and they are hidden from your plain sight.

One such factor is your body’s pH balance.

What Is pH Balance?

pH balance (potential hydrogen balance) is a scale that lets you know if a liquid is acidic, alkaline, or neutral in nature. pH has been used to test the acidity of liquids since 1893. Most of us have been introduced to the concept of pH in schools and have observed how a red litmus pH strip turns blue in an alkaline solution and a blue strip turns to red in acidic solution.

Human bodies have a natural mechanism to maintain the pH balance between acidic and alkaline elements.

The pH score of humans is the level of acids in our blood at which our body functions.

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pH Balance and Human Body

Human bodies are made up of various hormones, acids, and chemicals. For each of them to function properly, our body needs to maintain a particular pH balance score.

The pH balance of a human body can’t be too acidic or too alkaline in nature. According to researchers, the natural pH value of a human body is 7.4.

Our bodies strive to maintain this value. Just like weighing scales tipping one way or the other on weight change, our bodies too react similarly when the pH balance of our body gets changed.

Why Is pH Balance Important For Your Health?

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have recently released a study to determine how the pH balance of a human body is related to metabolism.

More importantly, they are trying to find whether there is a link between the pH balance and cancer or not.

Some studies have shown that cancer cells multiply faster in an acidic environment. In other words, if your body has low pH level then your body is prone to have multiple problems.

Therefore, recommendations include increasing the intake of alkaline foods and limiting the acidic foods in order to raise your body’s pH level.

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What Happens When pH Balance Gets Disturbed?

When the pH value of a human body goes below 7 or increases above 7.8 then it becomes prone to severe health complications and diseases. Some of these health complications and diseases includes:

1. Inability To Lose Weight

pH level impacts the way our body burns fat and stores fat cells. A change in pH balance can affect this process and hamper your weight loss plans despite your best efforts in controlling diet and undertaking rigorous workout schedules.

2. Weaker Bones and Muscles

When the pH balance is knocked over, your body looks for nutrients from the existing nutrients which are present in your bones and muscles to restore the pH level to its natural state. As a result, your muscles and bones becomes weaker and can easily give in to injury, deformities, and joint pains.

3. Weaker Immunity

pH balance helps your immunity system to stay strong. When there is an imbalance in the pH level, your body becomes more vulnerable to infections, viruses, and diseases because the immunity system of your body becomes weak.

4. Higher Chances of Obesity

Your pH balance indirectly keeps your metabolism in check, given that the pH balance affects how you process and store fat. Upon an pH imbalance, your metabolism slows down, and as a result, you can end up with a high risk of obesity.

5. High Chance of Diabetes

Like the way a pH imbalance increases your chances of obesity, so does it affects the way your body produces and processes insulin. Therefore, it adds to your chances of getting diabetes.

Given above are some health complications which you can face if your body is having pH imbalance but what can you do to stop this pH imbalance and maintain your body’s pH balance.

Here are some of the best steps which you can follow in order to maintain your pH balance to normal.

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How To Maintain pH Balance?

Your diet is the best way to help your body keep up its pH balance to normal. Adding certain foods to your diet will help your body maintain its natural pH level. Therefore, you need to focus on the below given items in your diet for a good pH level.

1. Drink More Water

We all know that over 70% of our body is made up of water, aka H2O given that hydrogen makes up water and pH is a scale that measures hydrogen. Water is one of the best sources to help your body maintain its pH balance. Therefore, make sure that you stay hydrated to keep your body’s pH level in good state.

2. Alkaline Vegetables

There are many vegetables that helps in bringing down the body’s acidity and helps in maintaining the pH balance. These vegetables include cucumbers, avocados, carrots, buckwheat, coconuts, brown rice, and quinoa. An alkaline diet will always help your body in maintaining its pH balance effectively.

3. Avoid Eating Processed Food and Sugar

The basic tip for weight loss is also one of the best ways to help your body maintain its pH  Processed foods and sugars increase acidity and dip the pH value of your body. Make sure you avoid them as much as you can.

Using the above given tips you can help your body keeping its natural pH value of 7.4, and say hello to a healthier you!

Making your diet more veggie based will surely help you to maintain your body’s pH balance.


Keeping your body’s pH level in a balanced state is quite important as pH imbalance can surely lead you to many health complications which you surely do not want to have.

So what are you waiting for?

Make sure that you are having a healthy diet so that the pH balance level of your body is not impacted.


This article does not constitute medical advice. It is for general information purposes. Please consult a physician before planning an alkaline diet plan.

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