Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

What’s up with the Poke bowl craze? No, we’re not talking about Pokemon.

A fan of raw fish? You’ll love a good Poke bowl. Pronounced “POH-keh”, this staple Hawaiian dish has taken over the food scene.

 What’s up with the Poke bowl craze? No, we’re not talking about Pokemon.

Poke- what is it?

Poke originates from Hawaii, where cubed, raw fish like salmon and tuna are either eaten on its own or over a bowl of sushi rice. This makes the Poke bowl kind of like a deconstructed sushi bowl, Hawaiian-style.

Despite the novelty of Poke in Singapore, the dish dates back centuries in Hawaii and is a quintessential local classic. Make a trip to Hawaii and you’ll have no trouble finding loads of the fresh, cubed fish in local supermarkets.

Having spread to countries like America and now Singapore, the dish has evolved to include other ingredients but remains a healthy and nutritious meal option.

Where do I try Poke in Singapore?

There are multiple Poke joints around Singapore where you can try variations of this Hawaiian favourite. Here are some Poke places to visit:

Aloha Poke was the first Poke spot to pop up, started by a couple looking to bring the Hawaiian dish to local shores. Their menu includes spicy versions of raw tuna or salmon for those who love the heat, along with the choice of brown rice for health junkies.

If you want to be really healthy, Sprout serves their Poke bowls with quinoa instead of rice.

Another Poke joint to check out is Katto, which serves Poke bowls in local and Asian flavours like Tangy Thai Tuna and Chicken Rice Chili Salmon.

More Asian flavoured Poke bowls are available at Rollie Ollie’s Suntec outlet, with bowls like Seoul Surfer and Thai Twist.

For a fully customisable Poke bowl, visit A Poke Theory, where you can personally pick out each ingredient that goes into your bowl.

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