Will Rosemary Improve Your Memory?

There are many benefits of rosemary and rosemary oil and one such benefit is that rosemary is used to improve memory. This article by team aerinle is mainly focused on how rosemary is used to improve memory of humans.

Rosemary is a very famous herb which you can definitely see in almost every kitchen of Singapore. It is mostly used to extract a very soothing and aromatic oil which is known as rosemary oil which has many health benefits of its own. Rosemary oil is also used in aromatherapy. Besides its ability to improve memory, this sturdy herb is a natural remedy for many ailments as well.

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How To Improve Memory Using Rosemary?

How To Improve Memory Using Rosemary

With Mediterranean origins, rosemary has been a prized seasoning herb and natural medicine from a long time now. The herb is widely believed to help in strengthening memory. In ancient Greece, it was commonly thrown into graves of the dead as a symbol of remembrance. Here is how rosemary can improve your memory.

1. Consuming Rosemary Is Believed To Improve Memory

Consuming Rosemary

As per a study conducted only in adults aged 26+ of age has found that consuming dried rosemary in powdered form can improve your brain power and can strengthen your memory. But, the consumption should be done in low dose and not in high dose as consuming high dose of dried rosemary can be harmful for a human being.

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2. Smelling Rosemary Is Said To Improve Memory

Smelling Rosemary

As per many theories and scientists, smelling rosemary can boost your mental health as it directly affects cognition. This improves the thinking ability, judgement making power and problem solving ability in a human being. Stronger the aroma of rosemary is, more the speed and accuracy of brain is improved.

A rosemary plant can be easily distinguished from others because of its needle-like leaves and purple flowers. In a BBC report, Dr Chris Van Tulleken cited an experiment at Northumbria University that involved 60 participants. They were put in three rooms in which the first room was infused with rosemary, second with lavender oil, and third room with no scent. Those in the first room demonstrated an aptitude for memory tests.

3. Rosemary Oil For Memory Improvement

Rosemary Oil

It is found that if the rosemary oil is sprayed in the room of kids aged 13 to 16, it impoves their remembering power. The number, images, and remembering power of kids can be highly increased using rosemary oil.

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4. Drinking Rosemary Water

People who drink rosemary water on daily basis instead of regular water are seen to have good thinking ability and have shown improvement in their cognitive functioning as well. This is why if you want to improve your memory using rosemary then it is adviced to drink 250 ml of rosemary water daily.

Rosemary is also a mild diuretic that rids the body of bloating and water retention. If consumed regularly, it is said to increase urine flow and help kidneys function at the optimal level. It is also a common ingredient in anti-ageing cosmetic products as it reduces puffiness, increases firmness, stimulates cell regeneration, and improves overall skin tone.

Is Rosemary Harmful?

Although rosemary herb is generally considered safe but it also has many side effects. Pregnant women should avoid consuming large amounts of rosemary as it may lead to uterine contractions and miscarriage.


Rosemary is used in a correct manner can be highly useful in improving your memory and remembering power.

You have probably tasted the unique pine-like flavour of rosemary, often used as garnish for roasted potatoes, or as seasoning for chicken and lamb dishes. However, you can do much more with the herb. Add it to omelettes, tomato sauce, soups, or even olive oil that can be used as a dip for bread.

Also, apart from improving memory, Rosemary is used as a natural remedy for migraines, arthritis, sore muscles and other joint and muscle pains. The herb has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties that boost overall health. 

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to sharpen your brain power and improve your memory then you can surely start using rosemary but only after taking advice from a doctor or someone who knows about how to use rosemary to improve memory.


The information given in this article is for general information purposes. Please consult a physician or a doctor before using rosemary to improve memory and brain power. You should not rely solely on the content given in our article and should definitely consult an expert first.

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