3 stylish brands that save the earth

Put these brands on your shopping list: they are both stylish and eco-friendly.

Sustainability is all the rage now, with goods ranging from food to stylish clothing and furniture. But what exactly does the promise entail? There is no fixed definition – it could be about preserving the environment, organic origins, or ethics and fair wages.

3 stylish brands that save the earth

As more designers jump on the bandwagon of sustainability, Aerinlé takes a look at three of our favourite fashion brands that save the earth without compromising on style and quality.

A quick warning though, the labels ‘eco-friendly’, ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ may not encompass the whole gamut. For example, a company that uses organic materials may not be aligned with fair trade, and items labelled ‘fair trade’ may not be environmentally friendly.

MUJI – classic minimalism

3 stylish brands that save the earth

Credit: MUJI

MUJI supports environmental friendliness through stylish minimalism. The no logo, no frills design and simple packaging advocates minimal waste of materials. It also uses sustainable materials and processes.

NOVICA – stylish with a cause

3 stylish brands that save the earth

Credit: NOVICA

Look no further for bohemian clothing with earthy tones. While NOVICA has incorporated fair trade as part of its business model, it openly acknowledges that this was more of a “happy accident” than a strategic decision. The brand continues to create opportunities for traditional craftsmen by giving them access to global markets.

Linda Loudermilk – unique eco-fabrics

3 stylish brands that save the earth

Credit: Matthew Hise

You have probably heard of the stylish compostable swimsuit, but Linda Loudermilk has more to her line than just that. She began experimenting with organic cotton, bamboo, seaweed, and even recycled plastic bottles in 2002, way before eco-fabrics were in. Today, she continues to be one of the most recognised names in green fashion.

What are the eco-friendly brands you love? We’re all ears. Write to us at enquiry@aerinle.com.




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