Sensitive skin SOS: try natural beauty brands

Does sensitive skin keep you from indulging in your favourite looks? These 4 natural beauty brands could solve that crisis. 

Sensitive skin SOS: try natural beauty brands

People with sensitive skin don’t have it easy. That perfect blusher, primer or lippie, lauded by friends and youtubers alike could look great on paper and your face – until the itching begins.

Oh, and the horror it unleashes. Your face burns, peels, or worse, breaks out in nasty acne that hurts you on the outside (and inside). But worst of all is admitting that this ‘amazing’ product will never work on you. It’s like being locked out of a candy shop for a theft you didn’t commit; so unfair.

The truth is, beauty products that promise to make us beautiful and confident can leave us feeling unattractive and insecure.

Read a product’s label before applying it generously for a night out. “Some substances, such as formaldehyde, alcohol or fragrance, may actually be unsuitable for sensitive skin and cause irritation,” explained Dr Tan Kian Teo, a consultant dermatologist at Skin Physicians.

Luckily, there is a growing selection of natural products for sensitive skin. Discerning beauty junkies are snapping these up and for good reason – they have little to no aggravating synthetic components.

“Beauty products made from natural ingredients may be better tolerated by sensitive skins than conventional versions,” added Dr Tan. 

Here are four that work their magic with none of the nasties:

1) For the girly girl: Root

PRETTY UPDATE! You guys, I am SO excited to update you all on a few things! 1. 30,000 jars JUST arrived at the Root HQ!

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The brand’s aesthetic may explain why Root is an Instagram favourite – it has lovely packaging and places an emphasis on pink. Eye-catching colours aside, the brand offers an extensive range of vegan, gluten-free products catered for sensitive skin. From lip gloss to hair spray, its ingredients are almost 100% natural, and thankfully reads more like a recipe than a chemistry formula.

However, what truly sets the brand apart is that products are free from Bismuth Oxychloride – found in many cosmetic powders. The mineral filler has a unique crystal structure that ‘pokes’ into the skin, causing irritation.

If that isn’t reason enough to check out their web store, the affordable prices will definitely reel you in.

2) For the make-up guru: RMS Beauty


This is the namesake label of acclaimed makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. RMS Beauty, offers organic, natural products that are multi-purpose and highly customisable. For example, RMS’ Eye Polish doubles as an eye cream, while its Master Mixer colour pot can be used with other cosmetic products.

The brand prides itself in using minimal heat in production, enabling products to retain beneficial enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants. They are also free from synthetic components and essential oils, an ingredient that may cause rashes or irritation for sensitive skin.

3) For the lipstick-and-go girl: Kosas Cosmetics


Sometimes, all you need to switch up a look is a swipe of lipstick. A mantra wholeheartedly embraced by Kosas, this beauty brand stocks only – you guessed it – lip colours. Focusing on curating quality tints over a wide spectrum of shades, the brand currently offers seven variations of its hydrating, collagen-boosting lippies. These can be applied in multiple layers to create a stained or full matte finish.

All their products are handmade and do not contain aggravating substances such as petrochemicals (propylene glycol) and fragrance. Instead, natural ingredients like rose hip oil and shea butter have antioxidant properties, providing UV protection. Even better news – the brand is great for those suffering from allergies, being gluten, soy, nut and egg-free.

4) For the natural foodie: 100% Pure


100% Pure leaves no stone unturned in developing an all-natural product that promotes skin health. The brand emphasises on providing ‘food’ for the skin by incorporating organic sources of antioxidants and vitamins from everyday edibles. Superfoods play a part in its expansive range of personal care products.

Every component, from cosmetic colouring to fragrance and even its preservative formula is derived from natural sources. For example, its make-up range is dyed using fruit and vegetable pigments, maintaining the food’s nutritional goodness along with its pleasant scent. 100% Pure is also organic, vegan and against animal cruelty.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Don’t let your sensitive skin hold you back from being the best version of yourself today with these natural beauty brands!

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