This is why you should eat a spoon

With edible cutlery and tasty spoons that save the earth, Bakeys is taking the world by storm.

Edible cutlery is finally catching on – five years after Mr Narayana Peesapaty started Bakeys in Hyderabad, India.

But it took almost double that time find a winning combination of jowar (an African cereal grain), rice and wheat. The product? A spoon that stays intact while consuming hot soup. Choose from savoury, sweet or plain flavours.

Consume the spoon after a meal, or simply leave it to decompose on soil. Besides being environmentally friendly, Bakeys has kept prices economical. A pack of 100 spoons – as advertised on its website – costs 275 rupees ($5.60).

This is why you should eat a spoon

Credit: Bakeys

Mr Peesapaty started dabbling with the idea after noticing depleting ground water levels in India. According to him, the soil was getting infertile because of an excessive use of chemicals and fertilisers.

“This caused water contamination as the same water overflowed into streams and seeped into wells,” he said.

Aerinlé stopped Mr Peesapaty for a chat. Here are our four main takeaways:

1) He really wants to save the earth

Narayana: I do not want my child to look up at sky waiting for rain that will recharge ground water. Soil saving is my priority. Saving every drop of rain water is important for saving mankind. Making millet part of daily diet is also my motivation.

2) Chocolate spoons are not happening any time soon

Narayana: I tried 20 odd combinations and most work but are not necessarily tasty or economical. Jowar is best and we would stick to it. Chocolate or cocoa-based does not work at all. They turn bitter and black.  One can dip our spoons in chocolate sauce just before using them.

3) But you can expect a greater range of cutlery

Narayana: We plan to make soup spoons, chopsticks, sporks, stirrers, prick sticks and dessert spoons. But first, we have to expand our production system to cater to the huge demand. Other shapes will appear as we await fundraising.

4) Be sure to pick the flavour for you

Narayana: Savoury is popular in India as we all like spices such as carom seed, cumin, black pepper and salt. Children like sweet and people abroad prefer plain.

It’s a fantastic idea for a greener earth, so here at Aerinlé we recommend getting all three!

We’re in for quite the wait, as Mr Peesapaty says the company will only take international orders after July. For now, follow its Facebook page for updates.

Oh, and check out this cool video by The Better India.

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