Coffee minimises liver stress

Latest studies indicate that coffee minimises liver stress.

More coffee minimises liver damage from food and alcohol, a review of studies suggests. 

Use coffee to reduce liver stress
Coffee reduces liver stress

There’s no hiding indulgence, but extra cups of coffee can undo the impact of food and alcohol on the liver, according to a review of nine existing studies.

After studying the data of more than 430,000 participants, researchers concluded that two more cups a day can lower the risk of liver cirrhosis by 44 per cent.

Every year, the condition kills over a million globally, Reuters reported. Excessive alcohol consumption, hepatitis infections and fatty liver disease, linked to obesity and diabetes, can cause cirrhosis.

How can coffee help to minimise liver stress?

Dr Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University, who led the study said they used a pooled analysis of the average amount of coffee consumed in studies, before testing the influence of two additional cups.

In total, the studies included 1,990 participants with cirrhosis. Eight out of nine studies found that increasing intake reduces the risk of liver disease.

What other factors lead to liver stress?

However, the study found that other factors like obesity and diabetes are main factors for liver cirrhosis. While coffee can certainly help to minimise liver stress, other factors need to be controlled too.

You can read Reuters for more.

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