Boost Your Weight Loss Journey With These 5 Weight Loss Tips

There are many who will give you vague tips on how to lose weight fast or how to boost your weight loss process.

Do not believe them until you are getting tips from certified trainers, doctors or health specialists.

Yes, the weight loss industry is full of fake trainers and self claimed health specialists.

There are many weight loss mistakes people make when trying to lose weight by listing to these fake or illogical tips.

Many among your friends and family members will give you all sorts of advise to boost your weight loss journey and the worst part is many of these advises has no evidence or proof of result behind them.

Although, not all advises are fake.

Here in this article health experts of team aerinle have shared 5 best weight loss tips. Following these tips you can boost your weight loss process and can lose weight as fast as possible.

1. Try Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a fixed cycle between fasting and eating. It has been there since ancient times when meals were not secure and certain. A lot of people fasted for the well-being of their mind and the body.

There are various methods of intermittent fasting, and you need to choose the best for your body type.

Intermittent fasting is known to have many health benefits apart from weight loss.

2. Eat More Fruits, Proteins, and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are naturally beneficial for your body in many ways as they contain fewer calories and a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

Nutritious fruits and vegetables are high in water content. That makes them a perfect mid-meal snack as they will fill you up without adding the extra calories. Make fresh fruits and vegetables your weight loss buddies.

Apart from being a healthy snack option, they are also rich in minerals and vitamins for your overall health.

3. Consistent Exercise and Workouts

The most important factor to tilt the scales downward is to exercise regularly. Consistency is the key. Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your weight loss journey will take time too.  

Exercise tends to improve muscle tone and flexibility. This will help you to look leaner. Muscles are also known to burn more calories at rest. Consult a good professional trainer to work out a routine that best suits your needs. It may be a mix of weight training, cardio workouts, and such.

Brisk walking, dancing, and aerobics too can be considered depending on your goals and any existing medical condition.

Here is a list of 10 heart healthy foods to prevent heart diseases.

4. Plan Your Meals

You must have heard the famous adage – “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”!

So, set yourself up for success by planning well. Your cravings increase when you go on a diet and often end up swinging between healthy and unhealthy eating patterns. To avoid this pitfall, make sure you chart out a meal plan.

Be mindful to include all food groups like proteins, carbohydrates and good sources of fat.

Always be consistent and sincere in your weight-loss journey, and try to curb your cravings by reaching for healthy snack options. Fill your plate with nutritious food and be consistent in your choices.

Consume food rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins to take care of your entire body.

A study reveals that eating proteins boost your metabolism by 80 to 100 calories a day while shaving off 400 calories a day.

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5. Mindfulness and The Power of Staying Positive

Most people who have successfully achieved their target weight often attribute it to the power of positivity. If you get demotivated by not seeing the scales tip daily, then you need to change your outlook.

Weight loss is determined by many factors like your hormone balance, stress and genetics. While some people can shed the weight very fast, it is a slow process for others. Keep calm and carry on.

You need to stay positive, and at times when you might feel like giving up, remember why you even started. Be positive!

However, if you are trying to reach an ideal weight for health reasons, then be sure to consult a trained physician.


By following the above given weight loss tips you can easily boost your weight loss journey and can lose your extra body weight fast.

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