What is Camu Camu berry and should you include it in your diet?

Do you need to include Camu Camu berry in your diet?

This wonder berry from South America is now hailed as a super fruit. So, what is Camu Camu berry and how can it help you boost your immunity? Read on to find out more about this wonderful fruit filled with goodness of Vitamin C and its surprising benefits.

Health benefits of Camu Camu berry
The super berry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants

What is Camu Camu?

This is a berry native to the Amazon forest. The fruit is about the size of a large grape, with a reddish-purple color and yellow pulp. The official scientific name of the Camu Camu plant is Myricaria Dubia.  It is from the same family as other spices like cloves and is a close cousin of guava.

Why is Camu Camu a big deal?

Both the leaves, and the berry is known to have medicinal properties. They are both very rich in Vitamin C, possibly more than any other food source. One teaspoon of camu camu powder contains 1180 per cent of your daily recommended vitamin C intake!

Some research indicates that camu camu may be effective in fighting inflammation.  It has been used by the native population for centuries to control reducing blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that our body does not produce. It is an essential antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radicals responsible for chronic diseases and accelerated aging. Some studies suggest that vitamin C can reduce blood pressure, protect heart health and lower the risk of skin and cervical cancer.

The camu camu berry also contains essential amino acids that promote muscle and bone tissue growth, that are important for nervous system and cognitive functions. In addition, they are rich in flavonoids and other minerals that have antioxidant and anti-viral effects.

What is the best way to consume it?

The fruit tends to have a sour taste – so the camu camu berry is often consumed in the powder form. It is not sold widely as a fruit or berry in super stores in Singapore. But, you can easily find it in a powder of pill format.

Most stores that sell supplements and health products would have high quality extracts that are ready to consume. If you plan to order it online, here is a handy guide to go through first.

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The camu camu berry boosts vitamin C, helping to keep work stress at bay. Read on to find out more about its surprising benefits.

Some yummy ways to consume Camu Camu

It can also be added to oatmeal, cereals, yogurt, and smoothies. They give a refreshing boost to frozen desserts, and are added into salad dressings or sauces for that same reason.

Quinoa coconut porridge with Camu Camu
Make this delicious porridge of quinoa, coconut mild and Camu Camu seasoning.

Another favourite is this super delicious and nutritious porridge of quinoa, coconut milk and nuts. Season it with pepper and a spoonful of this super berry powder for a delicious fix.

Some safeguards

Vitamin C and most super berries are a great source of immediate relief during the flu season or coronavirus. However, some people are extra sensitive to even a small dosage of it. Some known side effects can be:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Gout arthritis (in people predisposed to this condition).

Too much of anything is never good, an unrestricted intake of vitamin C may result in kidney problems. So, if you are already on some Vitamin C supplements, then take that into consideration before adding it to your diet.

Another important safeguard is to consult your doctor if you are suffering from any other ailment or are on long term medications.

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